Fairy Stone

Connection to Earth . Psychic Protection . Lucid Dreaming . Luck . Prosperity . Spiritual Awakening

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Each unique Fairy Stone is a talisman which has been imbued by our planet’s magical energy. These special stones were carried as lucky charms and protection talismans for centuries amongst numerous diverse groups of people. Carrying a piece on you will enhance your entire aura and provide a layer of protection from any negative energy you may come across, while larger pieces also bring good health and prosperity to those in the home. Fairy Stones can open us up to the Devic Realm of Fairies and Elementals while keeping us safe from any tricksters. To further access Fairy Stone’s power, meditate with yours daily – Visualize your mind connecting with the vibrations of the stone and allow it to take your consciousness on a journey towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. This unique mineral helps one strengthen their connection to Mother Earth and aids in grounding all of your energy to the physical plane. Fairy Stones are mineral deposits formed by Glaciers.

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