House Cleansing Intention Oil


Step into a home filled with positive vibrations and divine protection with our House Cleansing Herbal Oil — where each drop is a promise of serenity and safeguarding. Let the energies of this oil weave a tapestry of peace, protection, and intuitive blessings throughout your living space.

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Create a sanctuary of positivity and serenity with our House Cleansing Herbal Oil. This gentle and intuitive oil is crafted to protect and bless your new or existing residence, warding off negative and harmful energies with its harmonious blend of herbs associated with peace, protection, intuition, and divinity.

Envelop your space in the soothing embrace of rosemary, cherry blossoms, mint, and other carefully selected herbs. The delicate scent, reminiscent of orchids, a flower symbolizing peace, enhances the overall atmosphere, creating a haven of calm.

For optimal use, anoint white candles with this sacred elixir to infuse your space with its protective energies. Apply it to doorways and windows, creating a shield against negative influences. Alternatively, transform your bath into a cleansing blessing with a few drops in the bathwater, allowing the soothing properties to envelop you.

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