Calming . Loyalty . Leadership . Protection . Wisdom . Comfort . Balance . Peace . Self-Understanding . Positive Transformation . Healing


A powerful protection stone, Malachite guards against negative energy as well as environmental stresses, it has even been used as a safety talisman in many professions such as mining and airline positions. It has been called the Midwife Stone, as it is an effective remedy for many Female Ailments especially regulating the menstrual cycle and cramps, for easing labor and treating sexual discomfort, especially when caused by traumatic past experiences. Malachite helps battle depression and anxiety, gives resistance to emotional blackmail, and heals emotional abuse, especially when suffered in childhood. It also encourages healthy relationships based on love and not need. Malachite assists in overcoming fear of confrontation, or fear of being seen or noticed, and helps one find the strength within to assume their rightful place in the Universe.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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