Mystic Box


Let us go shopping for you!

In this size box, you can expect 7-15 items. If you’re hoping for something specific, you can leave us a note BELOW or at the bottom of the Checkout screen! See the full description below for some ideas!

NOTE: Boxes may take up to 3 weeks for processing.

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Intuitive Mystery Box!

We wanted to make our little shoppe (yes… we love calling it our little ‘shop-eee’) more accessible to people outside of our immediate area, without being just another online store. Our space is SMALL (450 sq. ft. to be exact), therefore we don’t have a cavernous backstock – so each item will be intuitively and lovingly chosen from our current stock – Spirituality is our passion, and our intention with this offering is always to support and encourage your expansion as a magical, wonderous being.

Leave us a note!

What are you working on? Do you have a specific Path or Focus that you’d like us to have in mind as we shop for you? For instance: do you resonate with nature-based intentions like herbs and crystals – or is diving into the deep esoteric wisdom of ancient traditions like Tarot or Astrology what ignites you? Are you hoping for a new oracle deck or the perfect specimen of quartz in your box? Is there something you’ve seen on one of our TikTok videos that you wish you could come and purchase RIGHT NOW!? If so – Let us know, and we’ll do our best to make it happen (assuming we still have the items in stock)! … Speaking of TikTok…

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If you’d like us to feature your box shopping/packaging in a video, tell us in your note!

The Mystic Mystery Box

In this size box you can expect 7-15 items – Anything from Crystals, Herb Packets, Spell or Ritual Components, Candles, Books, Card Decks, Altar Pieces, Crystal Specimens, or items from our personal line of Intention products like candles, herb blends, spell kits, or jewelry. Depending on the items selected, you may get your order in multiple boxes. If you have a preference, you can leave a note on the product page OR at checkout, and we will do our best to accommodate!

Intuition Takes Time (Sometimes)

Given that this is an INTUITIVE product, we want to make sure it is done RIGHT! Sometimes this means that we have to order items that we don’t currently have in stock, and thus, we have to wait for them to come in. Other times it may be simply that we’re waiting on the right items to ‘pop out’ at us. And last, but not least… there are only two of us… and if we get inundated with orders, we still want to make sure we’re putting our best Magic into the process… which can take time. – We do our best to make sure every box goes out within 2 weeks of being ordered. – Most of the time we’re able to get them packed and shipped within a few days. – We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard!