Petrified Wood


Grounding . Transformation . Strength & Resilience . Protection . Connection to Nature

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Petrified Wood is associated with the earth element, and helps to ground and stabilize a person’s energy. It is said to connect you with the grounding energy of the earth, helping you feel more centered and balanced. Petrified Wood is formed when wood is gradually replaced by minerals over time. This process is seen as a symbol of transformation and adaptation, and helps people embrace change and move forward with courage and confidence. Petrified Wood is an ancient material that has survived for millions of years as such it imparts a sense of strength and resilience to those who work with it, helping them overcome obstacles and challenges with greater ease. It also has protective qualities, shielding the wearer from negative energies, promotes a sense of safety and security and helps banish fears. A symbol of the natural world, Petrified Wood enhances a person’s connection to nature and the environment. Also promoting a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world, and to help people connect with the energy of the earth.

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