Red Jasper


Clarifying . Grounding . Empowering . Protection . Meditation . Dream Recall . Spiritual Development . Justice . Courage

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A Guardian Stone, Red Jasper protects against physical threats, theft, accidents & assists in situations of danger. Shields against psychic attack & is marvelous for clearing the mind during meditation, prayer or contemplation. Its high spiritual energy increases focus & endurance during long ceremonies or practices, & is helpful in establishing new spiritual disciplines. It is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying & astral travel, & provides vivid dream recall. Red Jasper attunes to the frequency of fairness & offers assistance to anyone trying to rectify an unjust situation. Meditating with this stone provides insight into the best way to accomplish this, & helps bring future problems to light. Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, & the courage to overcome domestic violence. It also sustains those in the process of healing & recovering from violent sexual experiences. Red Jasper is a perfect stone of courage & strength for a child being teased or bullied at school.

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