Separation Intention Oil


Choose our Separation Herbal Oil when you are ready to create space and distance in relationships or connections. Let each drop be a catalyst for change, allowing for growth and transformation in the dynamics that no longer align positively.

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Navigating relationships in life can be complex. Whether it be with people, your old habits, or even external circumstances like the negative news cycle, if your intention is to create separation, our Separation Herbal Oil is crafted for just that purpose. Designed to assist in breaking up relationships or connections of various kinds, this potent oil can be utilized for all sorts of different situations.

Infused with herbs chosen for their properties related to separation, disharmony, and discord, this oil serves as a tool to extinguish connections that are no longer serving a positive purpose. Whether it’s for personal relationships, business connections, friendships, or circumstances of life, this oil can be applied to anoint candles, personal belongings, or ritual objects.

When applying this oil, visualize the energies of separation gently creating distance between the individuals or circumstance involved. It’s essential to use this oil with clear intention and respect for the free will of all parties.


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