Snow Quartz


Prosperity . Luck . Calming . Feminine Energy . Clarity . Motivation . Positive Thinking

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The gentle, loving energy of Snow Quartz is thought to help heal old traumas, calm impulsive behaviors and serve as a crystal for good luck. Many people find that using Snow Quartz during meditation helps them to keep their crown chakra in perfect balance. Snow Quartz is an excellent crystal for spiritual purposes. It helps to heighten your intuition and gives clarity and sharpness of mind to interpret the messages conveyed to you. Snow Quartz will help you to learn new things easily and retain what you’ve learned longer. It helps you to think before you speak. With a smooth and light-hearted energy, Snow Quartz activates clear thinking, encourages faith in humanity, and generates motivation for finishing tasks. Snow Quartz rids one of negative thoughts and self defeating emotions. It activates the Crown Chakra, bringing the innocence and clarity that leads to a more positive perspective in life.

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