Spell Breaking Intention Oil


Not all ‘spells’ are cast on purpose… or by other people. Choose this oil when you are ready to break free from the past and welcome positive transformations. Our Spell Breaking Herbal Oil is more than a ritual tool; it’s a companion for those seeking to create distance from relationships or habits that hinder personal growth.

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Most of the “spells” we live under are unintentional and only find a place to land in our lives IF we have a frequency/vibration that “allows” them to stay. As such, we’ve found that most “spell breaking” is about breaking the connection point on ‘our’ end, not someone or somewhere else. This is why our Spell Breaking oil is about personal change as much as it is about addressing the negative actions of others who may have cursed us.

Harness the power of change with our Spell Breaking Herbal Oil, a potent elixir crafted to dissolve connections and bring about separation where needed. This versatile oil is designed to disrupt relationships, whether for personal reasons or between other individuals, entities, or circumstances.

Infused with intention, Spell Breaking oil serves as a tool for various situations, from addressing matters of the heart to breaking up bad habits. If you have a repetitive pattern in your life that you can’t seem to untangle, this oil is designed to help you unravel whatever it is that is keeping you bound.

As you anoint candles, objects, or yourself with Spell Breaking Herbal Oil, visualize the energy of separation and liberation from unwanted ties.

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